“The best part about being lost is that you get to rediscover yourself.”


Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.



Often we can feel stuck in life, unfulfilled with a feeling that we deserve better. Very often it is what is going on in our heads that holds us back, stopping us from achieving more.



Focus on developing personal strengths and wellness techniques. Manage setbacks relating to: Stress, Fears, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, People and Motivation.


Transformational Coach

Had a one day coaching session with Steve to work on my presentation skills for my future workshops around Interpersonal Relationship Coaching and corporate workshops on mindset and well-being.
Steve is a very professional and personable guy, who made the whole experience enjoyable and engaging. His own presentation style is effortless and I aim to work on the things I learnt from him to get myself to that high standard.

John Kenny

Operations Manager at Robert Bion & Co Ltd Perforators

Steve was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach who has given me some excellent tips to use in my work. He helped me to look at my challenges and plan how to overcome them with effective workable strategies.
I would definitely recommend him to others.

Candice Bion

Lisa Gibson

Steve coached me and found him very personable & enthusiastic man who really adjusted his coaching to fit my specific needs
I found his coaching interesting & helpful, it gave me food for thought on many occasions. I would highly recommend him.

Responsive Solutions Ltd (RSL)

Delivery Manager,

Jaye Cobham

What I have taken from Steve’s coaching is I have learnt excellent communication skills and I have also learnt that some people can respond to individual or group exercises. Moving on, Steve also gave advice on how to conduct myself in interviews and how to prepare a CV that can help present myself in the best way which I think has helped me a great deal. Thank you very much, Steve, and good luck to the future. Hope you can give other students the experience you’ve given me.

Jaye Cobham


Founder & Program Director – Insight & Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Counsellor -Transformational Life Coach

I’ve learnt so much from Steve’s encouragement and support in my field of work. I can say with honour that he has been a tower of strength to my Mind-set Transformation practice and I have seen him work with many youths who have turned their lives around and have gained the confidence they need to become positive role models.
If I am to recommend an Advanced Coaching Practitioner it would have to be ‘The Man with the Orange Tie’ Steve Beckles-Ebusua.

Ms Eyvonne Black

Director at Printaply

We recently organised a careers event and asked Steve delivered coaching techniques on communication skills, understanding others, the power of body language and interviewing skills.
His coaching ability with such a diverse audience and individuals including business leaders, teaching professionals and students, keeping everyone engaged was going to be a challenge.
Steve absolutely nailed it.

Mike Smith

Director & Sales Manager at COTECH TRADING (GB) LIMITED

Steve coached me to improve communication skills last month and I can’t thank Steve enough!
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and his energy, enthusiasm and delivery was exceptional. I was engaged from start to finish as the content was excellent! I highly recommend Steve and will definitely be continuing coaching with the speaker with the orange tie!

Daniel Bhatti

Children & Young People Emotional Wellbeing Awareness Trainer at Hertfordshire

Steve has been my coach for over two years, not only has he guided and taught me so much about growing my business and the skills required to be an excellent and engaging trainer, but has also supported me in my own personal development and growth as an individual.

He encapsulates his audience irrespective of age and his passion, dedication, professionalism, knowledge, creativity and experience is second to none. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, trainer or business/life coach, Steve is your man!

Carol Lilley

Award-winning entrepreneur Contributor Forbes & Entrepreneur

I choose Steve as my mentor because I’ve never met a person so committed to his and other’s personal development, and his wisdom permeates through his deep listening, wise questions and thoughtful advice. His passion for his work manifests in the unique way he his capable to motivate and change the energy in the environment.

He is also a person of high integrity, honesty and reliability. One who walks his talk!
I strongly recommend his services.

Simone Vincenzi

Listening to Steve coaching tips and idea I can honestly say that what he said has made me second think about my self-motivation to do the things I do. Steve taught me that in order to succeed in life I first need to motivate myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do in order to stand out to potentially employers. I would recommend Steve to talk to people of many age groups as he always finds a way to connect with everyone in the room and grab the attention of everyone. The things I have learned from Steve have changed my chance of getting a job as in the future and anyone lucky enough to have spoken to him would say the same.

Samantha Pillinger


Your Coach & Happiness Guide

Who is Steve?

Steve is an international speaker, coach, soft skills trainer and author, presenter, and Amazon Top 10 bestseller.

He motivates and inspires individuals and teams to exceed their expectations, delivering motivational keynotes and soft skills training.

He has a passion for studying the science of self-beliefs, habits and developing a growth mindset.
This passion has helped him design a range of programmers’ and workshops to support individuals
and organisations to exceed their expectations.

For over 20 years, he has helped transform thousands of lives speaking in the USA, the UK, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Since May 2016, Steve has been speaking regularly in the US at Habitude Warrior Conferences organised by Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Erik Swanson. These events are held three times a year throughout the United States and are designed to inspire people to make a positive difference in their lives. Steve has spoken to groups in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston and Phoenix, Arizona.

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