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Is Your Mindset Leaving You Stuck,

Lacking In Self-Belief, With No Confidence?

Discover The 5 Steps To Unlock Your True Potential

How Much Better Would Your Life Be If You Had:

More Self-Belief

No Fear Of Taking Risks

The Thoughts Of Just A Growth Mindset, Instead Of A Fixed Mindset

An Understanding Of How People Feel

Better Communication With Others

It’s all about your beliefs!

Do you sometimes lose out on opportunities by lacking the self-belief to speak up?

Do you sometimes let yourself down by not believing in yourself to take a risk?

Do you sometimes lack the ability to think outside the box when making decisions?

Feeling Stuck?

Often we can feel stuck in life, unfulfilled with a feeling that we deserve better. Very often it is what is going on in our heads that holds us back, stopping us from achieving more.

Your subconscious holds sets of beliefs that you have established throughout your life, that determine your emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whilst these beliefs might have helped at one time, they might not be helping you now.

Discover A Growth Mindset

Discover how to recognise those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and the tools to help you stop them from getting in your way.

Recognise the fears that don’t serve you any longer, that leave you lacking in self-belief and confidence. Make the changes to take control and have the confidence in yourself to take decisions.

Know how your brain works, why it has these beliefs implanted and how they affect you.

You’ll find out how to improve relations with other people by better understanding not only your feelings, but theirs as well.

This will help you communicate better with others, because you are more aware of how you feel, react and behave.

What You Will Learn In The Course

1 - Beliefs

What Are The Beliefs Holding You Back?

This module will look at how to challenge those beliefs that are holding you back, with an explanation of how your beliefs determine what you gain in the life process, worksheets to monitor your thought process and five clear steps to overcoming those self-defeating habits.

2 -Fear

Can You Control Your Fears For Your Success?

This module looks at acknowledging, embracing and dealing with the fears preventing you from taking decisive action in a situation.

Learn about the origins of fear and how the media plays a role in our fears. Two techniques called the AED approach to fear, and the R factor, as well as worksheets will support you in overcoming those fears holding you back.

3 - Thoughts

How Does Your Brain Handle Your Thoughts?

This module will help you provide a better understanding of the fundamental processes of how people think. It will cover the three parts of the brain that determines success.

​We will look at the perception of detailed thinkers (neocortex) and the big picture thinkers (the limbic), and how to understand how they might think.

Also, the module looks at how to differentiate between a fixed and growth mindset, and how to develop a growth mindset in seven simple steps.

4 - Feelings

How Can You Control People’s Feelings?

This module examines how our feelings function, also the relationship between feeling and thinking, and time and our feelings.

It also examines through a Doctor's study how our feelings work. We look at how our awareness of people's feelings can generate a win-win situation.

You will learn three ways to know and understand how people feel with worksheets to support your learning.

5 - Communication

What Are Your Communication Skills?

In this final module, we not only look at how to communicate effectively, but how to engage and develop a better understanding of others.

We examine relationships and how they are based on where you are standing with others, and the importance of how listening and trust are so inextricably connected.

The module also looks at a study of the three elements of face to face communication.

Each component is then explained with working examples, including six steps to engaging others.

Each of the 5 modules will have:

Points To Ponder Questions

These are questions to help you to reflect over the module.

Multiple Assessment Questions

Reflective thinking about the assessment and learning in the module.


Each module is accompanied with study and guide sheets

Workable Techniques

Each module will give you the opportunity to use techniques to have a greater understanding of the subject

5 Module Course (Value £250)

Plus These Bonuses Included Free!

Two x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

(Value £150)

Conquering The Fear Of Change: 4 Steps to Changing Lifelong Self-Defeating Habits -

E-book (Value £21.99)

101 Motivational Quotes: Complete With Reflective Questions To Each Quotation -

E-book (Value £13.99)

Total Bonus Value - £185.98

What Would It Be Like To Feel Super Confident That You Have The Tools And Strategies To Break Free From A Limiting Mindset?

This 5 Module Course And All The Bonuses For Only £199.99

Start the journey to unlock your true potential TODAY!

Who is Steve?

Steve Beckles-Ebusua is an international speaker, coach, soft skills trainer and author, presenter, and Amazon Top 10 bestseller.

He motivates and inspires individuals and teams to exceed their expectations, delivering motivational keynotes and soft skills training.

He has a passion for studying the science of self-beliefs, habits and developing a growth mindset. This passion has helped him design a range of programmes and workshops to support individuals and organisations to exceed their expectations.

For over 20 years, he has helped transform thousands of lives speaking in the USA, the UK, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Since May 2016, Steve has been speaking regularly in the U.S at Habitude Warrior Conferences organised by Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Erik Swanson. These events are held three times a year throughout the United States and are designed to inspire people to make a positive difference in their lives. Steve has spoken to groups in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston and Phoenix, Arizona.

You Get Access To All This When You Enrol Today
Don't Believe Everything You Think!
5 Module course (Value £250)

1 - Beliefs

2 - Fear

3 - Thoughts

4 - Feelings

5 - Communication
Plus Bonuses!

Two x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions (Value £150)

Conquering The Fear Of Change - E-book (Value £21.99)

101 Motivational Quotes - E-book (Value £13.99)

Total Value - £435.98

Yours For Only £199.99


Steve has been my coach for over two years, not only has he guided and taught me so much about growing my business and the skills required to be an excellent and engaging trainer, but has also supported me in my own personal development and growth as an individual.

He encapsulates his audience irrespective of age and his passion, dedication, professionalism, knowledge, creativity and experience is second to none. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, trainer or business/life coach, Steve is your man!

Carol Lilley

Children & Young People

Emotional Wellbeing Awareness Trainer

I choose Steve as my mentor because I've never met a person so committed to his and other's personal development, and his wisdom permeates through his deep listening, wise questions and thoughtful advice. His passion for his work manifests in the unique way he his capable to motivate and change the energy in the environment.

He is also a person of high integrity, honesty and reliability. One who walks his talk!

Simone Vincenzi

Award-winning entrepreneur

Contributor Forbes & Entrepreneur

Had a one day coaching session with Steve to work on my presentation skills for my future workshops around Interpersonal Relationship Coaching and corporate workshops on mindset and well-being.

Steve is a very professional and personable guy, who made the whole experience enjoyable and engaging. His own presentation style is effortless and I aim to work on the things I learnt from him to get myself to that high standard.

John Kenny

Transformational Coach


Steve coached me to improve communication skills last month and I can’t thank Steve enough!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and his energy, enthusiasm and delivery was exceptional. I was engaged from start to finish as the content was excellent! I highly recommend Steve and will definitely be continuing coaching with the speaker with the orange tie!

Daniel Bhatti

Director & Sales Manager

Coaching and Leadership training with Steve has opened my eyes up to so many new concepts! Steve will have you engaged from the minute that you meet him. His sessions are well thought out and designed specifically for your needs.

He has the ability to entertain you through the session and make reference to some interesting material which really helps embed all his teachings.

From a HR perspective i have always struggled to find such good coaches and I can honestly say that Steve is exceptional.

Heena Surani

Smart Numbers Ltd

I've learnt so much from Steve's encouragement and support in my field of work. I can say with honour that he has been a tower of strength to my Mind-set Transformation practice and I have seen him work with many youths who have turned their lives around and have gained the confidence they need to become positive role models.

If I am to recommend an Advanced Coaching Practitioner it would have to be 'The Man with the Orange Tie' Steve Beckles-Ebusua.

Eyvonne Black

Founder & Program Director

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How can I buy the course?

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How can I access the course?

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How do I get my bonus E-Books?

The two E-Books will be in the course area, available for download in the 'Bonus' section.

When are my coaching sessions?

To get the most out of the coaching sessions they will be scheduled after you have completed the course. This will allow Steve to best help you. Steve will personally reach out to you to arrange mutually convenient times.

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